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The Commodore Plus/4

The Commodore Plus/4 was released in June 1984 and was to become Commodore’s new flagship replacing the Commodore 64. The name Plus/4 refers to the four-application on-board ROM office suite (word processor, spread sheet, database, and graphing). Originally the Plus/4 was called the Commodore 264 during the prototype stage, and at

Nintendo Gamecube

The Nintendo GameCube was released to use in Europe on the 3rd May 2002 costing 169.00GBP.  It was Nintendo’s fourth games console but most importantly it was Nintendo’s first non-cartridge console and was to compete against Sony’s PS2 and Microsoft’s X-Box. Throughout its life the Nintendo’s Gamecube sold nearly 22

Commodore SX-64 portable. . . a Real Gem

The Commodore SX-64 portable, often known as ‘The Executive 64‘ was released in 1984.  This was a briefcase/suitcase size portable version of the infamous Commodore 64 and holds the distinction of being the worlds first full-colour portable computer and was priced at $995.   The SX-64 featured a five inch

Panasonic FZ-10 3DO Interacvtive Multiplayer

The Panasonic 3DO FZ-10 interactive multiplayer was a 32-bit CD based interactive video entertainment platform system. To many it is simply  known as just the 3DO and it arrived to us on 15th September 1993. The 3DO Company was founded by a group of people in 1991, namely Dave Needle

The Atari Jaguar System – A Real Cult Classic

Well what can i say…… the awesome Atari Jaguar.  As i’m sure you will agree, Atari left us with a ‘cult classic’ gaming console….. with a cult following!!! This was a real grand finale for Atari and when the Jaguar console was finally released it was to be the most technically advanced machine of

Sinclair ZX81

The Sinclair Zx81 is another of Sir Clive Sinclair’s well known achievements.  The distinctive appearance was the work of industrial designer Rick Dickinson that was Manufactured by Sinclair Reasearch Ltd and released on the 1st of June 1981. The Zx81 was  a cheap Home Computer that anyone could afford and

Philips G7000 Videopac computer . . .

This is were my  gaming passion really started, the ‘Philips G7000 Videopac Computer’ being my first ever computer console.  At the time I desperately wanted an Atari 2600 as it was the console to have at the time but I was absolutely bouncing when I recieved my Philips G7000 on

The Commodore VIC-20

The Commodore VIC-20 started life in June 1980.  Initially it was going to be called the Micro-pet but due to the 6056 chip ‘Video Interface Chip‘ which was engineered and manufactured specifically for the Commodore VIC, the Commodore Executive, Michael Tomczyk, added the ’20’ part simply though that it sounded

Atari 2600 – Facts You Might Not Know!

The Atari 2600 is probably the best known games console of all time.  Over it’s life span it had several different names such as ‘The Woody’, the VCS – (Video Computer System), the CX-2600, CX-2600A and most famous of all “The Heavy Sixer”. My earliest recollection of the Atari 2600

In The Beginning

Welcome to my blog about retro video game systems where over the coming months and years i’m going to be posting tonnes of useful information, tips, images and videos on a huge passion of mine – Retro Video Game  Systems. Over the years I’ve accumulated a vast collection of gaming