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Tony Lyon

Black Hawk

This is quite an early Commodore 64 game that most people have either overlooked or have never heard of but is well worth playing.  Written by Dean Lock for Creative Sparks/Thorn EMI in 1984, your mission puts you amongst a strategic group of islands where you have to infiltrate and enemy airfield, and the game places you in one of… Read More »Black Hawk


Pole Position

As gaming became more and more popular in arcades, it was inevitable that a racing car games would eventually appear on the scene. The ball started rolling back in 1974 with the release of Nishikado’s Speed Race, a black-and-white  racing game that introduced scrolling sprite graphics and featured a steering wheel.  Midway released it as Racer in the United States… Read More »Pole Position

The Sega Genesis – Mega Drive

I can remember this console very well, the Megadrive is a fourth generation console that was produced by Sega to succeed the now aging Sega Master System.  Released in Europe on November 30, 1990 the name was said to represent superiority (Mega), and speed (Drive), with the then powerful Motorola 68000 processor and during its development its hardware was initially… Read More »The Sega Genesis – Mega Drive

Dropzone review

This is a game that I was introduced to many years by a good friend on his Atari 800XL.  Archer Mclean (known then as Arena Graphics) started to write a game shortly after he purchased an Atari 800 as soon as they were officially launched in the UK in 1981. Over a number of years the game ivolved into what… Read More »Dropzone review

Rambo Part II Review

Rambo came to us in 1985 and was released by Ocean Software Limited.   The game play is actually based on the  film, Rambo: First Blood Part II featuring Sylvester Stallone also released in 1985. The game is available on Cassette and Disk format for multiple platforms like the Commodore 64, ZX Spectum, Amstrad CPC, MSX, Sega Mega Drive, NES, Sega… Read More »Rambo Part II Review

The Arcade Classic . . . Bezerk

Berzerk is a very simplistic game that takes me back to the 80’s reminding me of Battle Star Galactica for some reason, I think it was the Cylons in the series that are quite similar to the robots in the game. Berserk is multi-directional shooter video arcade game  that was released by Stern Electronics of Chicago way back in 1980. … Read More »The Arcade Classic . . . Bezerk

The Dragon 32K & 64K Computers

Dragon Data Ltd created its first home computer in August 1982 with the introduction of the Dragon 32.   Upon its release there was already a vast range of more superior home computers avaliable on the market, only a year later they followed up with a revised version called the Dragon 64 in an attempt to keep up with its rivals. … Read More »The Dragon 32K & 64K Computers

The Ultimate Jetpac

If you go wey back to 1983, then you might have come across this classic little game Jetpac.  Jetpac was created by Chris Stamper and the graphics by Tim Stamper from Ultimate or Ashby Computers & Graphics as they were known as back then and this was also the companies first release. Jetpac was written for the BBC, Commodore Vic… Read More »The Ultimate Jetpac