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Tony Lyon

Forbidden Forest

I really liked this early game when it was released in 1983.  Although the Graphics and the sprites in the game are quite blocky, the atmosphere from the opening scene tied together with the music and the sky darkening to night with the moon slowly passing by really brings that sinister feel to it. Paul Norman did a brilliant job designed this game for Cosmi… Read More »Forbidden Forest

Siren City

Siren City was written by Ian Gray for Interceptor Software and was released in 1983.  Once you play this game it is easy to understand how it became the benchmark for future games to come like Grand Theft Auto (GTA) and Driver, it also somehow reminds me a little of the game Rally X. Its not that its a bad for an early game,… Read More »Siren City

Manic Miner

    This is one of my all time classic games that I regularly played on the Commodore 64 and to be honest from time to time I still do.  Inspired by the Atari 800 game Miner 2049er, Manic Miner was released in 1983 and was followed up a year later by Jet Set Willy and Jet Set Willy II.  Another superb game in… Read More »Manic Miner


At the time of its release in 1982, Zaxxon was a very unique 3D shooter, becoming very popular worldwide with some ground breaking results. I always think of this game as an up-dated version of the arcade game Scramble that was a two dimensional horizontally scrolling shoot-em up game released by Konami in 1981. In the game you fly a heavily armed spacecraft across a floating fortress where your ultimate mission is to… Read More »Zaxxon


Here’s a really unique game that was written by Chris and Tim Stamper for the great  software    house ‘Ultimate Play The Game’, PSSST was released in 1983 and became a huge hit for Sinclair’s ZX Spectrum as did many of Ultimate’s titles. In the game you control a Robot called Robbie and the aim of the game is to protect a plant that is growing at the bottom… Read More »PSSST

Pinball Dreams & Fantasises

There as been many pinball games and simulators written for many retro systems over the years but the pinball simulators that were released on the Commodore Amiga by Digital Illusions in 1992 have got to be some of the best.  The first instalment was Pinball Dreams, and what a result. What brought these versions of Pinball to life is the way that the game is… Read More »Pinball Dreams & Fantasises

Rescue on Fractalus

This is fantastic game and out of all the systems it was made for, it is best played on the Atari 800.  Rescue on Fractalus was released in 1984 by Activision for Lucasfilm Games which later became Lucasarts.  The game is based around a rescue mission where you have to try to locate and retrieve downed pilots on a planets… Read More »Rescue on Fractalus