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Rambo Part II Review

DSCF9473Rambo came to us in 1985 and was released by Ocean Software Limited.   The game play is actually based on the  film, Rambo: First Blood Part II featuring Sylvester Stallone also released in 1985.

The game is available on Cassette and Disk format for multiple platforms like the Commodore 64, ZX Spectum, Amstrad CPC, MSX, Sega Mega Drive, NES, Sega Master System, X Box 360, PS3 and PC although the gameplay varies from platform to platform.

Rambo takes place in approximately 1 million square feet (scale) of jungle featuring the the P.O.W. camp, a secret Temple and many different types of terrain and follows the movie’s story.

Your character John Rambo is viewed from a semi-top down perspective and you have been given very precise orders from Colonel Trautman, your C.O.  The orders are to find the P.O.W. (Prisoner Of War) camp, photograph the evidence using an automatic camera which is part of your standard equipment.

You must then make your way North to the extraction point where a helicopter awaits you where you will then be automatically be flown back to the safety of your base in Thailand.

Your specific orders are “DO NOT ENGAGE THE ENEMY” and “DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RESCUE”.


However upon your arrival at the P.O.W. camp armed with a knife and grenades, seeing a former comrade, banks tied to a Bamboo Cross in the compound it becomes apparent that you cannot leave him there to die.

Its only then that you realise that things are going to start to get a little bit messy.  Cutting your buddy free using your knife you know there is no turning back and things suddenly make a turn for the worse as the intruder alarm sounds.

You must now battle your way north towards the helicopter pad to get Banks to safety while being pursued by constantly respawning enemies

However, during the game you will have a choice of weapons at your disposal including a Knife, Arrows, Explosive Arrows, Grenades, Rocket Launcher and a Machine Gun.  Some of these weapons are available at the start of the game and others you will find hidden in the terrain as you advance.

The game was one of the first to feature controllable vehicles (a helicopter), and also one of the first to feature stealth elements.

Unfortunately at that time the game only came second in the UK games charts, close behind Winter Games.  Rambo was also available on the compilation “They Sold a Million 3” along with three other games, Kung-Fu Master, Ghostbusters and Fighter Pilot that was available for the Commodore and Sinclair Spectrum.  In 1988, Rambo III was released on multiple platforms.

With superb graphics, coded by David Collier and some amazing music and sound effects supplied by the one and only Martin Galway from the film’s score, this is an all round classic shoot-em up that still feels very fresh even today.










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