Retro Consoles

The Atari 400, 800, XL & XE Range

I must confess that i am a great admirer of  Atari and what they have achieved over the years.  With the era of cartridge gaming, consoles starting to slowly fade i.e. the 2600, 5200 and the 7800.  Atari along with other major companies introduced a completely new platform of gaming

The History of Tanagerine and Oric 48K

  The Oric 1 was an 8-bit computer system that was developed by Oric International Ltd and was released in 1983.  Apparently the name ORIC came about by juggling the letters of the word ‘micro’ and the best they came up with was the word ‘oric’ (somewhere the letter ‘M’

The Sega Master System

In 1987, Sega brought us their third generation video game console in the form of the Sega Master System.  This is one of those systems that it like purely for its simplicity, the pads are small basic, simple buttons. The console has two controller ports at the front for the

The Commodore 16

The Commodore 16 home computer was another of Jack Trammels creations.  To be honest it was not one of his greatest ventures by any means, but still it was made by Commodore computers and released in 1984. The system came in a starter pack which consisted of a Commodore 16