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Tony Lyon


Lunar Jetman

Lunar Jetman was a brilliant sequel to the epic game Jetpac.  Developed and published by Ultimate, Play the Game in 1983, the game was written by Chris Stamper with graphics designed by Tim Stamper from their well known base in Ashby-de-la-Zouch. Lunar Jetman became an overnight success, this was due to a few key factors.  Firstly, it was Ultimate’s first game to feature speech via… Read More »Lunar Jetman

Super Pipeline I & II

Who would have thought a spot of plumbing could be such fun!  For me, it normally ends up with a house full of water and a very large insurance claim!  I just hope they aren’t reading this. Released in 1983 by Taskset, Super Pipeline was a very different kind of action, puzzle game, its pretty funny and has a very… Read More »Super Pipeline I & II


Laser Gates.

This is one of them games that doesn’t really look much, the play area is only on half the screen whilst the other half screen contains that game statistics but despite this, its a really fun and quite addictive sideways, shoot-em up scroller! Released for the Atari 2600 by Imagic back in 1983, the game places you in control of… Read More »Laser Gates.

The Acracde classic, Pac-land

Every time I walk into an arcade in the mid eighty’s, the music to this game could always be heard coming from somewhere hidden in the depths along with the likes of Galaga & Rally X. Pacland was released into arcades in August 1984 by Namco, and its American distributor Bally Midway (later Midway Games). It was later ported to… Read More »The Acracde classic, Pac-land

Time/Space Pilot

Have you ever wanted to fly an advanced plane whilst blasting an assortment of enemy aircraft through different time zones? if you have then welcome to the classic 1982 game, Time Pilot. This muti-directional scrolling shooter arcade game was designed by Yoshiki Okamoto, released by Konami and was distributed in the United States by Centuri. With the games success, it game was… Read More »Time/Space Pilot

Bomb Jack

This is a really enjoyable game that will keep you coming back for more! it will make you laugh and it will frustrate you to the point of throwing the controller across the room so be warned! Bomb Jack was released in the arcades in 1984 by Tehkan and a year or so later by Elite for a selection of… Read More »Bomb Jack


Launched in the UK in April 1992, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) was Nintendo’s fourth generation system that was to replace the ageing NES.  Because of the worldwide success of the NES the SNES was to followed suit, despite being launched with only a few games being available. In Japan, the system was known as the Super Famicom (family… Read More »The SNES

Boulder Dash

Every now and then when I’m searching through my disks for something to play, Boulder Dash always makes an appearance.  With a classic blinking & foot tapping character by the name of Rockford, Boulder Dash still is one of those games that keeps you coming back for more! Created by two Canadian programmer’s, Chris Grey and Peter Liepa and published… Read More »Boulder Dash