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Launched in the UK in April 1992, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) was Nintendo’s fourth generation system that was to replace the ageing NES.  Because of the worldwide success of the NES the SNES was to followed suit, despite being launched with only a few games being available. In Japan, the system was known as the Super Famicom (family… Read More »The SNES

nintendo 64

Nintendo 64

The Nintendo 64 was released in Europe in September 1997 and was the last of the fifth generation consoles to be made.  It was also to be Nintendo’s last cartridge based console due to the close competition being CD based such as Sony’s PlayStation and the Sega Saturn. In Europe the system was released with two launch games Super Mario 64 and Pilot Wings 64 and a third in Japan called… Read More »Nintendo 64

Nintendo Gamecube

The Nintendo GameCube was released to use in Europe on the 3rd May 2002 costing 169.00GBP.  It was Nintendo’s fourth games console but most importantly it was Nintendo’s first non-cartridge console and was to compete against Sony’s PS2 and Microsoft’s X-Box. Throughout its life the Nintendo’s Gamecube sold nearly 22 million units and in September 2009, IGN named the GameCube… Read More »Nintendo Gamecube