The Atari 400, 800, XL & XE Range

I must confess that i am a great admirer of  Atari and what they have achieved over the years.  With the era of cartridge gaming, consoles starting to slowly fade i.e. the 2600, 5200 and the 7800.  Atari along with other major companies introduced a completely new platform of gaming

The Atari 520ST and various models. . .

The Atari 520st was officially launched to us by the Atari Corporation in January 1985 at the Winter Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  The letters “ST” stands for “Sixteen/Thirty-two”, which refers to the Motorola 68000’s 16-bit external bus and 32-bit internals. Other machines that arrived at a similar time

Atari 7800 – ProSystem

The Atari 7800 or the Atari 7800 ProSystem as it was also known, reached our stores in 1986 and was to be the successor to atari’s flop, the Atari 5200. The project was originally to be called the Atari 3600, but it was later thought its designation needed higher than

The Atari Jaguar System – A Real Cult Classic

Well what can i say…… the awesome Atari Jaguar.  As i’m sure you will agree, Atari left us with a ‘cult classic’ gaming console….. with a cult following!!! This was a real grand finale for Atari and when the Jaguar console was finally released it was to be the most technically advanced machine of

Atari 2600 – Facts You Might Not Know!

The Atari 2600 is probably the best known games console of all time.  Over it’s life span it had several different names such as ‘The Woody’, the VCS – (Video Computer System), the CX-2600, CX-2600A and most famous of all “The Heavy Sixer”. My earliest recollection of the Atari 2600